Covid Cancellation

The 2020 Minnesota Pickleball Open is cancelled—all players who registered and paid will be issued a FULL refund!

Hosted By The Twin Cities Pickleball Club

Will be returning

The Premier Experience in the North

A three-day USAPA sanctioned tournament for amateurs and pros with over $25,000 in prize money.  This is THE “must-play” event in Minnesota.

The Twin Cities Pickleball Club has an eleven year legacy of creating world class tournament experiences that span from The Miracle Ear to the USAPA Middle States Regionals – Powered By TRIA. Now we’re bringing you The Minnesota Pickleball Open!

This will be the largest pickleball event in the state with over 500 participants from 30 states and Canada expected to play.

All matches will be officiated by referees. Over 150 volunteers will support a smooth and well run tournament. With this great venue we can offer Skill plus Age, Age plus Skill, Pro, and Sr. Pro brackets, ensuring more playing time and better quality of play!

Covid Candid

We couldn’t be more disappointed.  We know everyone is sick and tired of dealing with this pandemic.  And our hearts are open and supporting all people impacted by lives and livelihoods lost—it’s a horrendous situation for all involved.  We don’t want to sugarcoat how any of us feel about where we’re at—we are doing what’s right for all involved.  The health and wellness of our players, referees, volunteers and their families are our number one priority. 

Covid Caboodle

As in the whole kit and caboodle!  We are a very large group.  Players.  Referees.  Support volunteers.  Spectators.  Sponsors.  As the state continues to “open-up” on a carefully controlled basis, gatherings of many people, especially large concentrations of people that are indoors and together for long periods of time, continue to be an of great concern for viral spread.  The Minnesota COVID protocols will not allow for a large event like ours during the scheduled dates.  There are no known plans or timeline for our world-class indoor facility (Life Time in Lakeville) to be open during the scheduled dates.  The USAPA is not sanctioning tournaments around the same time as ours.  Our supportive sponsors—who are critical to the success of our event—are very focused on the well being of their respective businesses and employees.

Covid Controversy

To wear a mask or not.  To play in groups or not.  To continue with safe social distancing or not.  We know there is much confusion and controversy.  Some want to “let ‘er rip” and go back to normal.  Some want to continue to shelter-in-place and keep protections for all people.  Some are in the middle—being safe whenever possible but taking calculated efforts with being exposed to other people.  Our goal is to not fuel the controversy in any way—each individual and family will make up their own mind on how to deal with the ever-changing dynamics.  We need to abide to all state and local regulations and guidelines, regardless of how it makes any particular group feel.  We sincerely hope you all understand that!

Crush Covid

We’ll be back next year when COVID IS CRUSHED!  Pickleball is a social sport.  One that brings us all together with a cohesive bond to each other and shared love of a wonderful game.  Pickleball culture is inherently one of togetherness.  Teamwork.  And being united.  We are focused on keeping that spirit alive and well—we can’t wait until next year to bring you Minnesota’s best pickleball experience!
As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength”.   Stay strong and well!

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